Steel Structures

The Role Steel Structures Play in Architecture

Architecture is the process as well as the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings and other physical structures. We often don’t realise that there’s a ton of engineering that goes into architecture, otherwise our buildings would wouldn’t be durable, sustainable and of superior quality.

The advantages steel offers to the construction industry have long been recognized by designers and developers. The versatility of steel gives architects the freedom to achieve their most ambitious visions with less effort. Structural steel is an essential component of sport stadiums, shopping centres, commercial development, industrial development and buildings used in agriculture such as farm sheds, water plants and warehouses.


Steel is the leading construction material for sustainability. When a steel-framed building is demolished, its steel components can be reused or returned to the steelmaking process to create brand new components. Globally, recycled steel can make up a maximum of 50% of a new steel structure.

Steel structures are significantly lighter than concrete, they don’t require a large foundation which reduce the environmental impact of the build. If a steel mound foundation is used, it can be extracted and recycled or reused when the building is demolished or destroyed, leaving no waste material.


Steel-framed structures are highly durable and do not strain and damage as quickly as other construction materials, lasting longer before refurbishment is required. Rust is avoided in the Fabrication & Painting process, so the steel structures’ strength is sustained.

Economic Benefits

Because steel structures are found to be sustainable and durable, they require little maintenance, ensuring that most of the resource’s value is used to its full potential. This also reduces maintenance costs as well as production costs when recycling and reusing material is considered when erecting a new steel structure.

It’s also much easier and cost effective to add on to a building that’s been previously built from a steel structure. Such adaptability means that the building’s use can be changed and the layout adapted many times, prolonging the lifetime of the structure.

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