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The Importance of Using Steel in Today’s Construction

Steel has been used in construction since the very first high-rise building was built in the 19th century. Furthermore, steel has lately become an option for smaller buildings and even for residential homes. Using steel has many benefits.

This material “Steel” offers the strength that is non-existent for buildings with brick walls and wooden frames. Steel does not warp, twist or bend and is significantly flexible and easy to work with and install. Because of the strengthened quality and ease of maintenance steel offers, it is a fascinating building material. It is resistant to mildew, a plague that afflicts with wooden frame buildings, Steel buildings are robust enough to resist the destruction caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, extreme stormy weather, earthquakes etc. Because steel is extremely sturdy, the owner of the building could get a better insurance deal.

Steel’s robustness and strength in contrast to wood results in architects having more flexibility in designing steel structures. Constructing a structure with steel has a few drawbacks. Furthermore, steel is a lot more expensive than traditional materials. In order to make a steel building energy efficient, it demands added insulation because the material is a good conductor of cold and heat more than conventional materials. If a structure is not designed well, it is prone to deteriorate from the elements.

The best way to building with steel is finding a qualified contractor who is experienced in using this material. Building with steel is a valuable investment if one is spending the cash up front.

We at Valostar Steel Construction will take it from a dream, to reality. We specialize in providing all our clients a full turnkey approach to structural steel services. We start at the beginning of each project with your vision, starting with design, moving onto detailing and production of fabrication and then finally the erection of your steel structure.

With our in-house team and approved sub-contractors we have the capability of erection between 12-15 tons per week or 1000m2 – 1500m2 per week.

Valostar Steel Construction supply, delivery and install roof sheeting, side cladding, insulation, flashings, ventilation and rainwater goods for all our projects throughout South Africa. The quality of our steel structure cladding is always guaranteed and we are committed to ensuring the exterior of your steel structure is both weather-resistant and aesthetically pleasing.

With our in-house team, and approved sub-contractors we have the capacity of cladding between 1250m2 – 1750m2 per day. Valostar has a fleet of its own transport which includes tri-axles and 8-ton load delivery vehicle and each erection team its own vehicle ensuring getting material on site. We have also partnered with various logistics companies to provide efficient transportation to all parts of South Africa.