Are your gutters clean?

Keep gutters clean!

Gutters are a good way of directing water away from your building. They are very helpful, but most of the time they accumulate leaves if you have trees planted around your property, especially during fall. Sometimes during windy days, dust can also find refuge in your gutters and all that this dirt does is cause them to rust, crack and break. That is why it is very important to keep them clean all-year-round to avoid unnecessary costs. 

Consider getting professional help

Your office gutters don’t have to stay clogged. Help them breathe so they can last longer because they are a part of your property and the truth is commercial buildings require regular maintenance in order for them to last longer. So, whatever you do, maintenance needs to come first. 

Get them cleaned often

Whether you believe it or not, your gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year and require regular maintenance. This means that you would rather get your cleaning staff to clean your gutters or get professionals to make the work easy and quicker for you. So, whether you choose an every-quarter-schedule or otherwise, you need to get them cleaned often.

Maintenance is a priority

The seasonal changes in our country are beautiful, however, they are the cause for clogging. This results in rainwater failing to flow smoothly within the gutters causing water to leak into the roof – which may force you to end up spending more money repairing the roof. If you, in any case, decide to DIY, another important consideration to make is not to climb onto your roof as this will cause cracks or other problems which may result in a roof leak. 

Tips to keep your gutters clean

As much as there are faster solutions for solving problems, there are also ways with which problems can be avoided. You can simply keep away gutter debris by doing the following:

1. Trim your trees

It is important to trim your trees to avoid falling leaves, pine needles and twigs landing on your gutter. It is better if they land on the ground rather than on your roof and drainage systems as this may cause drain blockage. Trimming your trees will also help you avoid having seeds fall into your gutters and germinate as the debris causes a fertile environment on the gutter.

2. Invest in gutter guards/covers

There are different types of gutter guards or covers that come in various styles allowing you to choose one that is best aligned to your needs. Some can be used to cover some part of the roof and the gutter at the same time, allowing water to run underneath. Others can be put over the gutter with strategically placed holes that allow water to run through.

Call us for maintenance

Valostar Steel Construction offers sheeting and re-sheeting services to help you battle off leaks that will, in the end, damage your property, stock, and furniture. We are a reputable construction company that is fully equipped and qualified to provide tailor-made solutions for any structure, irrespective of size and complexity.