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Get roof maintenance

Winter is almost over! This period has become the perfect time to start preparing for the rainy season ahead to avoid getting your stock damaged and encountering a loss due to roof leaks. It is time to get quality roof maintenance before the heavy summer rains return. Starting with preparations now to get your roof […]


Construction Projects: Our 5 Most Recent Jobs

Since our conception, we have worked on quite a number of projects with either new clients and/or existing clients who come back for repeat business. We pride ourselves in our capacity to construct all steel structures regardless of their sizes and complexities. We offer our steel construction service to clients who want to start their […]


3 reasons why you need our DIY livestock shelter

Your livestock is an investment that you also need to invest in. All-weather protection for important working areas reduces animal and operator stress and helps get the job done even if it’s raining cats and dogs. Here are the reasons why you need to get yours: 1. Value for money Every shed in the range […]


Tips to keeping commercial gutters clean year-round without a hustle

Keep gutters clean! Gutters are a good way of directing water away from your building. They are very helpful, but most of the time they accumulate leaves if you have trees planted around your property, especially during fall. Sometimes during windy days, dust can also find refuge in your gutters and all that this dirt […]

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The Importance of Using Steel in Today’s Construction

The Importance of Using Steel in Today’s Construction Steel has been used in construction since the very first high-rise building was built in the 19th century. Furthermore, steel has lately become an option for smaller buildings and even for residential homes. Using steel has many benefits. This material “Steel” offers the strength that is non-existent […]

Steel Structures

The Role Steel Structures Play in Architecture

The Role Steel Structures Play in Architecture Architecture is the process as well as the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings and other physical structures. We often don’t realise that there’s a ton of engineering that goes into architecture, otherwise our buildings would wouldn’t be durable, sustainable and of superior quality. The advantages steel […]

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The Steps of Designing & Constructing a Building

The Steps of Designing & Constructing a Building In any building process, there are steps that need to be followed. This is to ensure that nothing is left out, and whatever you’re building is as strong as it should be. The list below isn’t followed in the exact same manner by each contractor, but they […]